5 Reasons Life Insurance Makes A Great Holiday Gift

You have just over a week to go before it’s time to start dishing out those Christmas gifts and figuring out what to get for all the VIP’s on your nice list and it is turning out to be far more stressful than you anticipated. If you are anything like me, you have a few impossible people on your list, who either have everything, or want nothing. Before you consider discontinuing your friendship just to avoid this gift giving challenge, here are a few reasons…5 to be exact, why life insurance makes for the perfect holiday gift.

  1. It Costs Less Than The Average Coffee Drinker Spends Per Month On Coffee


The average coffee drinker spends $4 per day on coffee and even more if you are drinking specialty coffee with cutely ridiculous names. That’s $120 per month for coffee. Why not let a portion of your $120 go further this year by purchasing a life policy for someone on your nice list to protect the ones they love?

2. It Really Does Benefit The Whole Family

Not many gifts can really and truly be said to benefit the whole family. Sure you can spend a cool $1000 on a pure bred family dog for their kids. Kid’s play with “Bingo” and mummy and daddy walk and pick up after the little fellow. Merry Christmas mum and dad. So what if the family can’t get together and have life insurance for dinner, it still happens to be a gift that will define the rest of their lives if it isn’t there when they truly need it. If someone on your nice list has not been responsible or financially capable of properly protecting their loved ones, your gift of life insurance could go a long way in the event of a loss.

3. No One Wants To Think About Dying

Humans by nature are far too optimistic when it comes to death and the possibility of an unexpected exit. We all expect to live forever, and if not forever, at least longer than everyone we love. It’s good to be optimistic at a job interview or when waiting for the elevator, but it is in everyone’s best interest to expect the best and plan strategically for the worst. Instead of buying another worthless gadget from the latest infomercial, why not give the gift of life insurance and know that your gift will protect the ones that matter, when it truly matters.

4. You Can Be Sure You That No One Else Will Be Giving The Same Gift

Is it not just the worst when you find out that you are in fact the 3rd person to have given a loved one yet another set of steak knives? By giving the gift of life insurance you can almost be certain that you are giving the most unique gift they will receive this season, possibly ever.

5. You Can Avoid The Holiday Shopping Crowd

If you are anything like me, you would rather stick a spork in your thigh than spend a full day at the local Mall or Wal-Mart. If that is the case then life insurance is the gift for you. There are no lines, no waiting at the cash register, no angry fighting customers, and no stampedes to the toy aisle for the latest “Dora The Explorer” dolly. One call to a licensed agent and you are all set.

Obviously this is just a fun little piece to get into the holiday spirit but in all seriousness, life insurance plays a vital role in protecting loved ones from financial hardship in the event of an unexpected passing.

If you think that gifting a life insurance policy to a loved one is something you would like to do this holiday season, reach out to me to discuss your options. You can be certain that someone will be very thankful you did if they ever need it.